30 Day Minute Plans


Customized to fit your budget, with no contract Bell2CA to Central America: up to 30 Day Minute Plans. Choose the plan that best fits your needs and enjoy the benefits of crystal clear conversation

It's simple:
  • Open an account
  • Subscribe your USA mobile, home or any other phone number you are going to call from
  • Dial the access number of your area
  • Dial the destination you wish to call.
    •  011 + Country Code + City Code + Local Number
    • For more information please visit How to Call.
  • Enjoy our low rate and quality you can count on.
Choose the right plan for you:
30 Day Plans 


30 Day Minute Plans


Why BellVoz?

  • Low-Cost Rates
  • Best Quality
  • No Contracts
  • No Connection fees
  • PIN-LESS Dialing
  • Works with any phone
  • Recharge 24/7 via 
    • Web
    • Mobile Application
    • IVR
    • SMS
    • Customer Service
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