Direct SMS


DirectSMS allows BellVoz customers to send international text messages from their mobile phone to family and friends in Cuba, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Spain, Mexico, Venezuela or any country around the world at a lower cost.

It's simple:
  • Open an account
  • Receive up to 5 U.S. numbers that will be assigned to 5 mobile numbers of relatives or friends anywhere in the world.
  • Send a text message to the USA number BellVoz assigned and the text message will be sent automatically to the international cellphone (up to 160 characters).
  • You will receive a confirmation message once it's been delivered.
  • A convenient, low cost way to communicate internationally with your loved ones.


International Text Message 
Package Plan:
  • For $5, send 100 outgoing international messages, (5¢ per message)
  • If you consume more than 100 text message, you can buy another package or you will be charged 10¢ USD per additional international text message.
  • Open an account today
Individual Plan:

You will be automatically subscribed when you add at least one number to your DirectSMS account. (billing da="wy). To unsubscribe, remove all the Direct SMS numbers from your account. One text message is up to  up to 160-characters long. Please visit our complete Terms and Conditions.


Direct SMS


Why BellVoz?

  • Low-Cost Rates
  • Best Quality
  • No Contracts
  • No Connection fees
  • PIN-LESS Dialing
  • Works with any phone
  • Recharge 24/7 via 
    • Web
    • Mobile Application
    • IVR
    • SMS
    • Customer Service
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