International Calls


BellVoz provides international long distance calls service at a competitive rate without ever having to dial a PIN prior to the number dialed. Our system recognizes your registered phone numbers and validates the account, making your calling process convenient. It works from any phone, mobile and office.

It's simple:

  • Open an account
  • Subscribe your USA mobile, home or any other phone number you are going to call from
  • Dial the access number of your area
  • Dial the destination you wish to call.
    •  011 + Country Code + City Code + Local Number
    • For more information please visit How to Call.
  • Enjoy our low rate and quality you can count on.
International Calls 


International Calls


Why BellVoz?

  • Low-Cost Rates
  • Best Quality
  • No Contracts
  • No Connection fees
  • PIN-LESS Dialing
  • Works with any phone
  • Recharge 24/7 via 
    • Web
    • Mobile Application
    • IVR
    • SMS
    • Customer Service
Choose the right plan for you:   

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